Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nit raipur

Nit Raipur is an institute of national Importance  and is among some few institutes that have been  accorded with such a status .As a student I came across the fact that  here M3 is unbeatable i. eMetallurgy ,mining and mechanical.And among them mining is the best branch having best faculty ,100 % placement unlike other branches ,intake of almost half of the batch by CoalIndia .Other branches are also flourishing well and are achieving landmarks day by day.I am not saying that other branches are for namesake only and they have nothing to do .I am just saying and trying to explain which branch has more dominance in this Nit .Many students after getting admitted here begins to use harsh comments about the college and they long and wish if they could have scored few more marks in Jeemains or in advance so that they could have get another place ,a better one ,better infrastructure and lots more pros that are in the list of Nitrr cons . It is generally said that the grass is always grenner on the other side of the fence. Nit is an institute of national importance not because of its title but because of  its students . Students  make their colleges a landmark , not the infra . Sometime humorous comments are made on Nitrr about many thing but one should remember what Shakespeare had said ,humour doesn't depend upon the tongue of the teller rather it depends on the ear of the hearer . And the story continues...........   ..............


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