Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bullying in School

I don’t exactly remember the year but it was during my 7th or 8th grade. There was a guy in my class who always used to take the last seat of class. He used to wear very thick specs that rested very difficultly over his big nose. He had a slender body which any nutrition company could look up to for its newspaper advertisement. And the students of my class referred him as a loser. One day he finally opened up to me and gave me all the reasons for being irregular in the class. He told me that students make mockery out of him. They laughed for no specific reason. He didn’t like that. He chose to remain silent. And he was right. He remained silent for the next many months. In the following year he didn’t enrolled himself in the same school and I don’t exactly remember where he headed to?

This sight is common in every class of every school present across the length and breadth of our nation. That is what bullying refers to. But I just gave you an example at a very miniature level. There are over 8, 97, 00,000 search results on Google when you Google the same. This is something that we don’t remember. Or the other social problems of our society like eve-teasing, inequality, rape and others have an edge over this issue. But the essence of all these malpractices halt to a basic intuition and that is dominating nature; master- slave concept.

If you don’t want to be a slave then you have none of any right to be a master at all. You don’t have to be of dominating nature and influence your power for the same. This is something that world needs to know and we must campaign for it. What’s the point of bullying? To feel better? You will never feel better if the only thing you know is to make others suffer.

The most shocking fact about bullying is the etymology of word itself. The word "bully" was first used in the 1530s meaning "sweetheart", applied to either sex, from the Dutch boel "lover, brother", probably diminutive of Middle High German buole "brother", of uncertain origin (compare with the German buhle "lover"). The meaning deteriorated through the 17th century through "fine fellow", "blusterer", to "harasser of the weak". And it continued for next many centuries.

Various attempts have been made and various organizations all over the world are trying their best to tackle this menace. US Govt. even has special twitter account that goes by the name @StopBullying.Govt to confront these type of situations. But still hundreds of such cases crop out every day and even at this very moment when you are reading this, someone somewhere in the world must be getting bullied. We live in a democratic world and voices can’t be suppressed. In fact it shouldn’t be suppressed to any micro extent.

“I am not a joke, so stop laughing at me.”

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