About Me

I feel quite obliged and grateful for all of those more than 2 decades that I have already been around. I firmly believe that we all as an individual are sum total of people we meet and an average of persons we are surrounded with. 

Talking about my academia, I did my primary education from Bihar, shifted to Jharkhand for higher secondary education and then moved to Chhattisgarh for my graduation. 
After doing my B.Tech in Mining Discipline, I worked for Hindustan Zinc Limited as Mining Engineer and was posted in Rajasthan at different locations for a year. I did my MBA from IIM Indore (Batch 2020) and my specialization is in Portfolio management, Corporate Finance & hovers around the vicinity of World Economics as well.

Currently, I have joined at OfBusiness as a Management Trainee

I am an Author, Hockey Player, Blogger, Long Track Distance Athlete, Reader and Fitness Enthusiast. Apart from these diverse passions that I have tamed, I have a natural instinct of writing. I am an admirer of Dr. Shashi Tharoor
I write as Dr. Shashi Tharoor quotes G.B. Shaw, for the same reason a cow gives milk.

I have a great passion for my country India and feel pride for the same.

Please visit for further info: https://shashiprakash.in/

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