Monday, March 23, 2015

Best Teacher


We do meet down the streets sometimes,
But that sometime has been a very long time.

Your face may have got blurred in my mind,
But your principles and teaching are deep inside…
I may have left those lovely classes behind,
But those chalk writings, still intact and never kept aside.

Sometime in my mind and sometime in my friends,
I do find you when running down the lane…
Your expertise and erudition have always triumphed,
You always supported me when I was dumped.

Everyone is a diamond, you always said to believe,
It only needed polish and some proper cuts indeed…
You did try that thing on me,
And it worked like a magic and drove me across the sea.
This small piece of writing is a smallest tribute to you,
For all those love and care, every time you do…
Not from me, but all those lovely students that hail,
You are the best teacher along whom we would like to sail…

Thanks for the support and the love you gave
Your way of teaching and the way of behave,
I am always gonna remember whenever I reach,
You are always gonna be there till my last breathe.
- Shashi Prakash


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