Sunday, December 31, 2017

How do I study for 14 hours a day?

You are getting it wrong at first place. You don’t need to study for 14 hours a day to get your things straightened up. Its not about how hard you hit. It’s about how consistent you can hit. As Denzel Washington[1] has said and I quote, “Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.” Study for just 6 hrs a day but make it throughout the week and month. Be it rain or storm; be it fog or clear sky; be it festival or any heart rending day; be you active or bed ridden with limbs broken; you must complete your basic quota of studying and then only you may take the day off.
On the other hand, when you accept the fact that you are not able to make it even 20 minutes a day then how can you aim for the tip of the iceberg. You are just at the foot of the mountain and you are aiming at the summit in a one damn shot. Aim small and have small targets. Have a 2 hr target with interval of 15- 20 minutes in between every hour or as you find it suitable. And then repeat the process. Get started with topics and subjects that you like and enjoy. Then gradually shift for the boring and tough ones. Once you feel like giving up, again switch the topics and get your mood refreshed. Let your mind learn to focus and concentrate slowly. Don’t push or try too hard.
Note the things that consumes most of your time. Is it YouTube or is it Quora or is it your other social media messages or it your girlfriend or is it your friends. List down the thing on a paper and then contemplate whether those activities are worth of it or not? Switch off all the notifications of your smartphone. Be it Whatsapp, Quora, Inshorts or anything else. Switch off all the notifications. You don’t want those electronic sounds to distract you in the middle of your work or study. Complete the basic quota, take a interval, check your phone and then again get back to work.
Lastly get it slow but get it going !!!!
Hope that helps.

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