Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is the youth of India confident or confused? Why?

They are more confused than ever.
It starts with their basic education system. They take science as their major in their HSE and then they opt for engineering. They make out those 4 years anyhow by bitching about the courses, teachers and being cynical about their future and placements. They make it to their job and then they leave it in 4 months, 7 months or in 1 year, likewise. They give every possible entrance exams possible in this stage. From SSC to Bank PO. From CAT to RBI Assistant. From GATE to Analytics( if he/she has got a core job placement) Its not that they want to pursue certain job or stream. The major motivation for them is that they just want to leave their company as soon as possible. They make it to any management college and after 2 years, they settle for a job. They again leave their jobs in similar short month fashion and then they want to pursue UPSC. It is not they want to get into civil services or they want to serve the nation. They just want to leave their current job somehow. They feel like they are not making an impact in the organisation. They feel that I was studied so much and I have ended up entering data in Excel Sheets. After that, they even found a startup but shut it down in an year or alike. This cycle continues till one gets married. After marriage, responsibilities and family pressure don’t let you leave your stuffs anytime soon. You somehow get patient and then you dress up daily for the job you hate and meet the persons that you don’t wanna meet. It’s pathetic but true. I can’t tar every wall with the same brush but I just tried to portray a chunk of population. No offence.
Hope it helps. 
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