Friday, January 12, 2018

How would Shashi Tharoor say "I love you"?

Dr. Shashi Tharoor – The Hague Institute for Global Justice

Tharoor: You are exotic my lady. The way you shimmer into this ecclesiastical edifice, bedecked with jewellery, fragrant with attar of roses may even cuff Hebe. And your attire my dame. There ain’t another outfit on this pale blue dot that balances better the twin feminine urges to conceal and reveal. There is this fallacy that you ain’t going to be in cahoot with someone. But the myths have anecdotal accretions, almost all apocryphal. This distance now suffuses my heart, stifle my breathing and perhaps I can’t help my involuntary stride to you accentuated by the erratic speed of the celluloid. I have fallen for you my marquise, completely smitten. Forgive me for my effrontery and spunk but bluntly speaking my mademoiselle, je t'aime.

Lady (dials someone on her cell and speaks): Haan pandit jee, Yeh Lodhi state aa jaiye aur saara samaan leke aaiyega.

Tharoor: :D

Thug Life :p

Note 1: He has used almost 75% of the exact words and lines in his works like Riot, The Great Indian Novel and The Five-Dollar smile.

Note 2: Dr Tharoor is very fluent in French too. Click Here

Hope it helps.

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