Sunday, December 31, 2017


I was just born in this world of lies,
I hadn’t moved and so close were my eyes.
But your care and warmth kept me alive,
You came as my mother and always remained by my side. 

I was haunted by creepy letters and darkness,
I was scared by those lovely benches and blackness,
You consoled me, loved me in the best way you can
You came as my teacher and offered your caring hands.

And there was a time, I was low and wasn’t fine,
I needed a friend; someone who could be mine.
You came then but as lovely sis this time,
It was magic, care, bliss and alike of dime.

I moved on further but got stuck in a problem this time,
My dreams got shattered so was my soul and my mind.
You came as caring friend this time,
Regained my confidence, in my life and in my regime.

And then the stage came for the success and the fame,
I was alone in the light and alone in the rain.
My wife holded me close; close was her heart and soul,
and my world went round and perfect were the goals.

I was matured soul alive, filled with regrets and hopes,
I was now a tired soul alive, filled with happiness and nopes.
You came again this time but as my daughter on my ship,
And u became the laughter in my eyes and smile of my lips.

I am still a young soul, inside an old clay,
living with regrets and surviving off the bay.
I just want to thank; I just want to say,
As woman indeed, they changed my way and made my days.

Lastly, I want to sign off with a fact to thee,
its raw, it’s simple and firm like a sea.
I don’t like to hype but it’s true.
The best thing that happened to me is you.      
                                                                                      - Shashi Prakash

Dedicated to all those ladies and girls who made me feel more precious, more lucky and somehow made me feel more motivated. 

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