Sunday, November 10, 2019

Curious Case of Apple Inc

Apple has regained the title of the ‘World’s Most Valuable Listed Company’. The surge in the stock from $157.92 to $260.14 makes up of $ 398 Billion dollars in value, year to date in 2019 and that’s like the entire market cap of JP Morgan Chase & Co (408.93 Bn to be precise as of 7:28 PM, (GMT) November 10, 2019)
Their services arm has brought $46 Billion of revenue YTD and they do understand that services are less cyclical, pregnant with higher margins.

Their sincere attention for services domain may be exhibited by this timeline:

August 2019: Apple Card - The cashback (3-2-1) Model, wide acceptance of the payment mode across US Retail stores and the embedded safety features have really been appreciated. The mode doesn’t share the actual credit card number to the retailer but it shares a device number generated specific to your iPhone device.

September 2019: Arcade - Video game subscription service

November 2019: Apple TV Plus - It is an over-the-top ad-free subscription video-on-demand web television service. Their move of letting apple device owners(purchased after Sept 10) use the service free for a year is definitely going to entice users to continue watching, and for some to eventually pay for a subscription, as new series are released.

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